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Energy in motion specialist

The NDS brand – launched in 1999 by its mother company – while maintaining Vision and an innovative spirit, further expanded its expertise becoming, in 2013, NDS Energy s.r.l.: an ambitious spin-off company that combines thirty years of know-how in the field of accumulators with the most interesting technological innovations in the electronics industry.

NDS Energy Today, it can count on a product catalogue that has been considerably expanded since its launch, including: batteries for all types of vehicles and with the main construction technologies, charging systems, solar panels and charge controllers, converters and everything related to energy management and control on recreational vehicles.

We are one of the most competitive manufacturers of motorhomes in Europe and we can count on an effective and widespread sales network including Spain, Germany, France, England, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and, of course, Italy.

Italy is our headquarters, the core of our activities. We strive for product quality with excellent customer service, which is why we have chosen to keep the R&D and small manufacturing departments in-house, managed by a team of engineers, and the customer service/after-sales department, which keeps our end users close at hand.

Our work standards are also adapted to the strict parameters of the CSQ ISO9001:2008 9160 NDSE and IQNet Reg. Nr.: IT-00663, as a guarantee of quality and efficiency for those who prefer our brand.

Energy in motion for all types of vehicles

Our energy systems allow you to have energy on the move, exactly where you need it.

30 years of expertise in the world of batteries has made NDS one of the most interesting players in Europe, but the energy experience does not end there.
The research and development team has developed and continues to develop DC-DC booster lines, travel chargers for recharging batteries while on the move, battery chargers with customised firmware, pure and modified sine wave inverters, solar panel controllers with MPPT technology, high-efficiency pure monocrystalline silicon solar panels with integrated brackets for solid and simple mounting, and finally all current management and battery monitoring devices. Translated with (free version)

NDS focuses on B2B Dealers and Wholesalers including:

  • Automotive and special vehicle manufacturers
  • Recreational vehicle dealers
  • Fitters
  • Recreational vehicle accessories shop
  • Spare parts shop
  • E-commerce and specialised marketplaces
  • Wholesalers
NDS team working

Our value is in our people, and today the NDS Team is made up of a pool of people specialised in their field and growing. Young, dynamic, with extremely vertical skills but distinguished by a singular heuristic ability, our staff is in continuous training.