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COOKIE POLICY – Dometic Mobile Power Italy s.r.l.

The word “cookie” in this Policy means any tracking technology that stores or accesses information on your device, including any SDKs, tracking pixels, HTML5 and HTML6 local storage, local shared object, and fingerprinting technology.

Cookies are used to store information on Users’ preferences, to check the correct functioning of the Website and to improve its functionalities by customising the content of the pages according to the type of browser used, or to simplify navigation by automating procedures (e.g. Login, Website language), and finally to analyse the use of the Website by Users. Cookies are usually classified by:

  • purposes (Technical cookies, Analytics cookies, Profiling cookies);
  • provider (First-party cookies, Third-party cookies);
  • duration (session cookies, permanent cookies).

This classification is important because different legal requirements apply depending on how the cookie is classified.

The types of cookies and tracking technologies are listed below.

For purposes

Technical cookies. Technical cookies are only used to transmit communications over an electronic communication network or to provide a service specifically requested by the user. They are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and to satisfy user requests.
For instance, technical cookies may be used to monitor sessions, store server access information related to user configuration, facilitate access to online content, or track items in a shopping cart or information entered in a form. Essential technical cookies do not require the User’s consent to be installed. Technical cookies also include functional cookies. Their installation requires the consent of the user.

Analytical cookies. Analytical cookies can be used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a web service, for its design or to help measure traffic.
In other words, analytical cookies may be used to track the traffic and performance of the Website, collecting aggregate data on the number of Users and how they interact with the Website, in order to improve its services.
For instance, they may collect information on how users access the Website, the number of users possibly grouped by geographic area, the time of access, how long they stay on the Website, which parts of the Website are visited, the number of pages visited, and the number of users who have viewed a particular section. The installation of analytical cookies requires the User’s consent. If such cookies are appropriately anonymised, they can be installed without the prior explicit consent of the User.

Profiling cookies. Profiling cookies can be used to link certain actions or patterns of behaviour recurring in the use of the offered functionalities to specific, identified or identifiable individuals, in order to group user profiles into homogeneous and multidimensional clusters.
This allows the company to offer personalised services and to send targeted advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed during web browsing. These cookies may be used to deliver behavioural advertising, to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements or to personalise the services offered based on user behaviour. Profiling cookies include performance, marketing and social media cookies. Explicit user consent must be obtained for the use of profiling cookies.

By supplier

First-party cookies. Cookies are installed directly by the website on which the user is browsing. In other words, the web publisher directly installs cookies without using third-party providers and processes the information thus acquired.

Third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are set by external providers The web publisher installs cookies indirectly using third-party providers and processes the information thus acquired.
For the purposes of this Policy, third party cookies are defined as any trackers that, although published directly by us, are provided by third parties who receive or otherwise process for their own purposes information collected through such cookies when you visit the Website. For further information, please refer to the privacy policy of these third parties as indicated in the cookie table. The Data collected by these third parties is governed by their specific privacy policies, terms and conditions or cookie policies over which we have no control.
When our site hosts non-anonymised third-party analytical cookies and/or profiling cookies, you will be asked to consent to these third-party cookies via a cookie banner. Third-party cookies can be deleted at any time.

By duration

Session cookies. Session cookies expire when the user’s browsing session expires.

Permanent cookies. Permanent cookies last longer than a single browsing session.


Consent management

By clicking “I agree” on the banner present on first access to the Website, the User expressly consents to the use of cookies and similar technologies, and in particular to the recording of such cookies on his or her terminal equipment for the purposes indicated in this document, or to access via cookies to information on his or her terminal equipment.

Consent can be revoked at any time by changing the preferences in the selection popup.

Disabling cookies via the browser

The user may refuse the use of cookies and may revoke a consent already given at any time. Since cookies are linked to the browser used, they can be disabled directly from the browser, thus refusing/revoking consent to the use of cookies, or via the banner at the bottom of the page (Cookie settings). Disabling cookies may prevent the proper use of certain functions of the Website, in particular services provided by third parties may not be accessible, and therefore may not be viewable. Instructions for disabling cookies can be found on the following web pages: Mozilla FirefoxMicrosoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft EdgeGoogle ChromeOperaApple SafariBrave Browser

_ga Analitico Google Analytics 1 anno e 1 mese https://policies.g oo Registra un ID particolare utilizzato per ottenere dati sull'utilizzo del sito Web da parte dell'utente.
_ga_* Analitico Google Analytics 1 anno e 1 mese Utilizzato per distinguere i singoli utenti mediante la designazione di un numero generato casualmente come identificatore del cliente, che consente il calcolo delle visite e delle sessioni.
CLID Analytics Microsoft Clarity www.clarity. ms 1 anno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Identifica la prima volta che Clarity ha visto questo utente su qualsiasi sito utilizzando Clarity.
SRM_B Marketing/ Analitico Microsoft MSN 1 anno https://www.face y/policy/ Monitora l'interazione dell'utente con la funzione di barra di ricerca del sito. Questi dati possono essere impiegati per proporre all'utente prodotti o servizi rilevanti.
ANONCHK Marketing Microsoft Bing 10 minuti https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Viene utilizzato per memorizzare l'ID di sessione di un utente e per verificare i clic proveniente dagli annunci sul motore di ricerca Bing
SM Funzionale Channel Advisor sessione https://www.rith policy/ Viene utilizzato dal servizio di analisi Clarity di Microsoft per sincronizzare il MUID tra i domini Microsoft
MUID (x2) Marketing Microsoft Clarity 1 anno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Imposta un ID utente univoco per monitorare il modo in cui l'utente utilizza il sito.
MR Funzionale Microsoft 7 giorni https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Viene utilizzato da Microsoft per reimpostare o aggiornare il cookie MUID
MUID Analitico Bing Analytics 1 anno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Imposta un ID utente univoco per monitorare il modo in cui l'utente utilizza il sito.
c.gif Analitico Microsoft Clarity 1 anno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen Raccoglie dati relativi alla navigazione e al comportamento dell'utente sul sito web - Viene utilizzato al fine di stilare report statistici e mappe termiche per il proprietario del sito.
MR Funzionale Microsoft 7 giorni https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Viene utilizzato da Microsoft per reimpostare o aggiornare il cookie MUID.
_clsk Funzionale Microsoft Clarity 1 giorno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Connette più visualizzazioni di pagina da parte di un utente in un'unica registrazione della sessione Clarity
_clck Analitico Microsoft Clarity 1 giorno https://privacy.mi privacystatemen t Viene utilizzato per memorizzare un ID utente univoco
sbjs_first 1 giorno WooCom merce sessione https://docs.gith olicy/privacy-poli cies/github-gene ral-privacy-state ment** Identifica la fonte di una visita e memorizza le informazioni sull’azione dell’utente nei cookie.***
sbjs_migrati ons Analitico WooCom merce sessione ** ***
sbjs_current _add Analitico WooCom merce sessione ** ***
sbjs_session Analitico WooCom merce sessione ** ***
sbjs_first_ad d Analitico WooCom merce sessione ** ***
sbjs_session Analitico WooCom merce 30 min ** ***
sbjs_current Analitico WooCom merce sessione ** ***
cart Essenziale WooCom merce sessione ** Contiene l'elenco di tutti i prodotti presenti nel carrello con le rispettive quantità e le opzioni selezionate
quform_ses sion_ Essenziale Quform sessione https://www.the rivacy-policy Quform utilizza un cookie di sessione per garantire la sicurezza e le funzionalità del plugin.
test_cookie Essenziale sessione https://policies.g oo Viene utilizzato per determinare se il browser dell'utente supporta i cookie.
_pk _id# Analitico Piwik Analytics 1 anno https://piwikpro.i t/privacy-policy/ Consente la raccolta di statistiche sulla visita dell'utente al sito web in modo anonimo. Le informazioni raccolte includono le pagine lette.
_pk_ses# Analitico Piwik Analytics 30 minuti https://piwikpro.i t/privacy-policy/ Tiene traccia delle pagine richieste dal visitatore in una sessione

Google Analytics: generates statistical and other information through cookies stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to the website is used to produce reports on website use. Google will store and use this information. Google’s privacy policy is available at:

The user’s consent is required for the use of this service.

Google Maps: Google Maps is a geographic Internet service developed by Google that allows maps to be searched and displayed. By using this service, End Users provide personally identifiable information and Personal Data directly to Google. Google’s privacy policy can be found at: The user’s consent for the use of this service is required.

Microsoft Clarity: tool for monitoring user activity on the website. It allows you to record their activity and return representations of how they behave: how they navigate the pages. how long they stay and how they decide to leave the resource they are on. With this tool one can obtain heat maps, session records, cursor movements but also very specific metrics such as rage clicks. That is, moments when the user clicks an element to initiate a process. The user’s consent is required to use this service.

Bing Statistics: provides analysis for the Bing Search API. These analyses include call volume, main query strings, geographical distribution and more. Bing statistics can be enabled in the Azure portal by accessing the Azure resource and clicking on Enable Bing Statistics. The user’s consent is required for the use of this service.

WooCommerce: is a WordPress plugin for adding an e-commerce section to the Website. WooCommerce is used to keep track of orders, set up payments, track shipments.
The user’s consent is required for the use of this service.

Plugin Social Network. The website integrates plugins and/or clickable buttons in order to enable easy sharing of content on social networks. By navigating to one of the pages of the Website containing a plugin, the browser connects directly to the server of the social network from where the plugin is loaded: this server can track the visit to the Website and, where appropriate, associate it with the user’s social account (in particular, if one is connected to the social at the time of the visit or if one has recently navigated to one of the websites containing social plugins). If you do not want such tracking, you must log out of your social network account and delete the cookies that the social network has installed in your browser. The collection and use of information by social networks is governed by their respective privacy policies to which we refer you