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Activate your NDS Warranty

By 22 November 2021No Comments

When you purchase a product from an NDS dealer, the legal warranty on the product is activated at the same time. From that moment on, the good conformity of the product is guaranteed by the dealer for 2 years afterwards.

NDS wants to do more for its customers, which is why at the end of every product manual we have included a commercial warranty coupon that takes place when the product is purchased and creates a direct thread with us. In this way the connection between your NDS product and the company is complete, we will have a record of the product that was sold and everything will be easier to handle in case of failure.

Where to find the Serial Code, also called Serial Number (S/N):
The Serial Number can be found on every NDS product printed on a white label that is placed either on the product itself or on the box.

How do I activate the warranty?
At the end of the instruction manual you will find a warranty coupon which you should fill in completely and send by email to [email protected].

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