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Everything connected by N-BUS

By 18 October 2021February 2nd, 2022No Comments

Connect and Control all your devices easily

N-BUS is the plug&play network for easy connection of all on-board electronic devices.

Integrated control of electronic devices in our home is a reality with home automation. We can turn on the TV, run the air conditioning, start the washing machine and much more with a simple touch on the smartphone.

N-BUS was developed with the purpose to create a practical and functional network between energy management devices, after careful studies and meticulous design. The NDS N-BUS (Ci-BUS compatible) it’s a substantial technological upgrade that enables all devices in the NDS network to communicate with each other via a standard data cable.

This type of connection allows for a continuous exchange of information between devices of different kinds connected together (Battery, DC-DC, Solar regulator, etc…), and makes the on-board energy system more efficient and safer, but above all, as with the most advanced home automation, the interconnection makes it possible to manage all devices in the network from a single controller.

Until now, several devices or applications were needed to manage various elements of the system. Now, with NDS Controllers, everything is easy: a display or the Mobile App (if there is at least one N-BUS and Bluetooth device in the network) is enough to control the entire on-board energy system.


Display Bus e NDS App mobile

Devices with N-BUS communication protocol, such as, TEMPRA LITHIUM BATTERY, POWERSERVICE PSB, SUNCONTROL2 can be controlled by a single Display Bus (optional) and NDS Mobile App (if there is a Bluetooth NDS device in the network).
Discover how easy it is to control all your NDS devices with just one click by switching to N-BUS!



Cod. BC 03M / BC 06M / BC 10M

The connection cable for N-BUS systems allows NDS energy devices to be connected together in the same network.

The cable is available in 3 different lengths:

  • 3 metres (9,84 Ft) – BC 03M
  • 6 metres (19,685 Ft)- BC 06M
  • 10 metres (32,80 Ft) – BC 10M